The mission of An Angel’s House Daycare and Preparatory Academy is to provide a safe, affordable, quality child care environment. In doing so, we will support the families of our community in their efforts to work and or attend school. We will provide an environment where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace, as we provide the support and encouragement they need.




The goals of our curriculum are multifaceted. Our goals encourage children to be enthusiastic, self-confident, independent learners and we believe that play is the primary mode of learning. Our curriculum also respects individual learning styles and ever-changing interests. Through our curriculum we promote growth in all areas of development including:


  • Social: to help children learn from adults and one another by observation, imitation, and interaction.
  • Emotional: to provide a safe and secure environment where children can develop pride, self-confidence, independence, self-control, and a positive attitude toward life.
  • Cognitive: to promote curiosity and to help children acquire learning skills, such as the abilities to solve problems, make choices, ask questions, and express their ideas, observations, and feelings.
  • Physical: to help children develop and enhance their small and large muscle skills and feel confident and comfortable with their own bodies.

Our curriculum goals are achieved through integrated, theme-based activities and conversations with adults and children. Opportunities exist within the classroom for the child to engage in one-on-one activities with the teacher, small group and large group activities, solitary and independent play. We focus on allowing opportunities for your child to experiment and explore! Whole group activities are for short periods of time and are suited to the age and ability of the children. Supervised free play and small groups are predominately used as a means of encouraging educational interaction.

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